Make It Yourself Comfortable

Take your time and let go your troubles. Close your laptop, give your phone away, don´t care about your work and concerns for a while. Just sit down and make it yourself comfortable. With a book in your hand, calmly and without stress, but with silence and stories all around.


Choose What You Want To Experience First

Visit Hogwarts or Middle-earth, whatever you want. And when you get enough of it or reach your aim, don´t get up too fast. Without having to leave your comfortable place, grasp another book and simply start a new adventure.

Your Books Will Love You for That

7+1 (for up to 300 volumes) and without mortgage loan. Your books will enjoy the total area of 11 500 cm2. Each of them will find its place in the shelf. The bigger ones in the upper shelves, the smaller ones in the lower regions. And to make their lives in the new Kniholo more perfect, take them for a trip sometimes. There is nothing easier due to the wheels on the bottom of Kniholo.


Your Guests Will Envy You

Everybody has got their favourite armchair or sofa for reading at home. But you can bet that only you will have such a cosy place that blends functionality with style. Kniholo will steal the show in any room and will become a starting point of conversation for everyone who would behold it in your house.

Well, Who Wouldn´t Like To Have Their Own Reading Throne

Kniholo = Your Petty Versailles. It is you who decides which book will serve you each day. Reign wisely and just.


And If You Aren´t in the Mood of Reading…

Then just sit down. Don´t care you had a bad day, your boss was dissatisfied, your kids were annoying you and the dog tore your new shoes to pieces. Just relax. You don´t have to read only. Make some coffee, tea or take a glass of wine and let yourself do nothing at all. Nothing at all. A deep seat and soft upholstering take care for your comfort, as well as no less perfect arms.

What Shall We Say More?

Perhaps only that you can choose from three different colour-designs of Kniholo (Soft Black, Premium White, Monument Grey) and five different upholstering colours Rroyal Yellow, Teal Blue, Carmine Red, Green Pea and Dark Grey).  Kniholo is made in the Czech Republic, and you will be able to sit in it within 2-3 weeks following your order.


Experience Kniholo, Too

Yes, I want to!