We are a married couple Adam and Nina. Since the day our son was born, the number of things in our house raised, while the space has significantly diminished. Our son needed his own room soon, and so we reconstructed the interior and I lost my reading corner, my favourite personal space with a large library and an armchair. I tried to figure out where to move the armchair and the library. As the only possibility remained the living-room, but there was no place for both things next to the sofa.

And so, an idea emerged. An idea of a piece of furniture that blends both a library and armchair in it. The idea of a library-chair. I tried to search everywhere but found no such an item available in our country. We had no choice but to make one on our own. And so, my husband, a dental surgeon, gave away his dental drill and grasped another type of drill and a saw. I made myself a seat and sewed a cover for it and the trouble was solved.

I was literally enjoying my new library-chair. It was not only functional, but also beautiful. In other words, it was exactly what I wanted. Moreover, every guest who stepped into our house found it nice. And then my husband made the second, third, fourth… piece of the library-chair for our friends, for their relatives, for the friends of our friends, etc. Then we were not far away from the idea of offering this new item to other people, to the customers. After some minor changes, with the help of experienced carpenter and upholsterer, we got the final type of the library-chair that we are offering under its trademark Kniholo.

Kniholo provides both comfortable sitting and storage room for your books (up to 300 volumes). Because it stands for two pieces of furniture it can save a lot of space in your interior. It fits not only into smaller houses. Even if you have plenty of space at home, be sure, that it will become an original central point of interior, and it will please also your family. We are happy about every Kniholo that you purchase, as it serves not only for reading but also for relaxation. It is a piece of our home that is placed in your house. Thank you for your support 😊