Frequently asked questions

We do our best to make your purchase of Kniholo a comfortable experience. You may come around some issues, though. That is why we have clearly and briefly answered the most frequent questions that you ask us.

Technical Questions

What is the purpose of Kniholo?

Kniholo is a multipurpose piece of furniture that combines the best qualities of a library and an armchair. You can use it for reading and enjoy the fact that all the books are perfectly ordered and at hand. And unless you are in the mood of reading or have no time for it, you may use it as a comfortable armchair or just relax in it with a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Moreover, Kniholo will serve in your household as an exquisite object upon which an eye of every guest to your home will be laid and it will serve as a starting point of a conversation.

What Material Is Kniholo Made of?

Kniholo is made of a high-quality laminate Egger, 25 mm thick. The construction is solid, and it is designed to provide both sitting and storage room for your books. The seat is made by an experienced upholsterer, so that it can support your body when sitting. The cover of the seat is properly sewed from woven microfiber that is very soft for touch and is highly resistant against scratching. Thanks to this it will look new for a long time.

What are the dimensions of Kniholo?

Rozměry Knihola jsou následující:

Width: 111 cm
Depth: 80 cm
Height: 94 cm
Width of the seat: 60 cm
Depth of the seat: 50 cm
Height of the seat: 50 cm
Length of the backrest: 44 cm
Height of the arms: 70 cm

What is its bearing capacity?

Due to the stable and smart construction, the bearing capacity of Kniholo is high, up to 340 kg.

How many books can be stored inside Kniholo?

The number of books that can be stored inside Kniholo is individual and depends on size of the volumes. Yet if we consider a book of an “average” size, there may be up to 300 volumes put inside Kniholo.

Where is Kniholo made?

Kniholo is produced in the Czech Republic in a family business near Praque. And before it reaches you it goes through the hands of a skilled carpenter and upholsterer, moreover, it can´t escape the eye of the controller.

Can you customize Kniholo according to my wishes?

We usually don´t provide individual modifications in order to deliver Kniholo to every customer as soon as possible. But if you would like to have more pieces of Kniholo (e. g.: School or library equipment etc.) delivered and you wish to customize your Kniholo (e. g.: exclusive laminate colour, upholstering etc.), contact us via: and we will find the best solution together.

Your Order

How long does it take to produce and deliver Kniholo?

We work very hard to deliver your Kniholo to you as soon as possible. It takes usually about 2-3 weeks to produce one piece of Kniholo. It may be prolonged in case of a huge number of orders about which you, as a customer, will be informed in advance.

What type of transport do we use? What about the payment?

Kniholo will be delivered free of charge by one of our transportation companies (PPL, DPD, Czech Post). You can pay in advance with a bank transfer.

How will Kniholo be delivered to me?

Kniholo is delivered in a demounted form, and it arrives to you in three properly packed boxes.

How to proceed during the construction?

The construction is easy due to the manual which is attached to the armchair. Except for the Inbus key (included in the package) you will need only your own hammer and a classical screwdriver and a cross point screwdriver.

May also the children use Kniholo?

Your children or grandchildren, of course, cannot ignore this piece of furniture. But if you have very little children, it is necessary to look after them attentively (a risk of fall, books messed up, pollution etc.) It is good to remember that Kniholo is no toy.

How to take care of Kniholo?

It is a general rule: The better you take care of Kniholo, the longer will it serve you. The surface of the construction needs to be regularly cleaned from dust and other small dirt with a slightly wet cloth. We recommend exposing the seat to the fresh air time-to-time and to clean it only with the products suitable for upholstering (don´t use bleach or similar products). You can vacuum it as a normal carpet, using ideally an upholstering kit.

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